Welcome to the research website of the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences. The Academy focuses on applied research in cooperation with the hospitality and facility management in a broad sense, and as such relates to wider tourism and leisure industry as well as urban planning and real estate development. Our research focuses on two domains:

  1. Sustainable development in hospitality and facility management
  2. Consumer experience and design

The work on sustainable development in hospitality and facility management is headed by Professor Frans Melissen, whose work mainly deals with sustainable business models. Other specific areas of expertise in this domain are city hospitality, the sharing economy and sustainable gastronomy and food.

The work on consumer experience and design is headed by Professor Xander Lub, whose interests include design thinking and organisational behaviour. In addition, the Academy bundles its expertise on touch points, service design, marketing and consumer behaviour within this domain.

Research at the Academy of Hotel and Facility Management is deliberately practice-oriented and we prefer to work with industry partners, governments or NGOs. We are always looking for future partners and look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact our Business Innovation and Research Manager Bert Smit at Smit.B@nhtv.nl.